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Published: 30th July 2009
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Grooming your pet yourself could be a good way to save money and bond with your pet. A pro grooming session can set an owner back up to $50 or $60 per session. Plus, people are busy, and regular trips to the groomer might prove inconvenient. Plenty of pet suppliers carry great home grooming kits, and do it yourself dog grooming is thriving. Plus, as pro pet groomer Frances W. "Think of it as an insurance policy as you clean your pet,'' she asserts.

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"Handling your pets, the physical demands, and the environment of the job are all significant aspects that should be explored,'' expounded Jody Rodgers, the owner of three New Hampshire pet grooming shops. It is a process.''

Target the nails
"The nails should be trimmed on a regular basis,'' Greenspan said. "This applies particularly to dogs more other animals, although their nails can be trimmed as well.'' One short cut to shorter, healthier nails is to stroll your dog continually on cement, which helps wear down the nails naturally. "That's important -- if the nails aren't trimmed regularly, the 'quick' or 'vein' grows longer within the dead part of the nail, and when the nails are cut, there is a bigger chance of bleeding,'' Greenspan expounded.

Ear, obvious
Cleaning your pet's ears is good, sound recommendation, professional groomers say. And, it's easy to do. "You can use alcohol on a cotton ball to keep dog's ears clean,'' Greenspan announced. "Don't employ a cotton swab or go deep where you can't see as you could be painful the ear drum. The most important thing with ear care is to take a look at the condition of the inside of the ear canal and earflap on a constant basis. There also are special products on the marketplace for ear cleaning.''

Also, be on the chase for "foxtail.'' "If your pet's ear is red, smells or is oozing, there could be an infection or probably a fox tail,'' she adds. "Foxtails can be very deadly as they're employed their way into the skin and essentially into the soft tissues and organs. This could kill your pet. Foxtails can also get stuck in the pads of the feet and between the toes. Key point : Check for foxtails and employ a tweezers to get rid of them.

Taking a bath
A bath might be the most common, and most necessary, of all of your do it yourself dog grooming chores. According to Dr. Karen "Doc" Halligan, author of the book "What each Pet Owner Should Know,'' at least once a month is fine for most dogs. "Schedule it so you bathe them at the same time you are due to put on their flea protectant,'' she asserts.
"Put non-slip mats down in the bath, and use the shower head rather than the faucet,'' she is saying. "Make bound to read the label on pet shampoo previously to make sure it's for the right species and age of pet you are bathing,'' adds Halligan. "And never, ever use human shampoo on your dog when do it yourself dog grooming. It's got a different pH level, and the chemicals are too harsh for pets' sensitive skin.''

Brush up
Pet grooming mavens say that when it comes to the choppers, some owners don't pay attention to their pet's dental needs. And that is a no-no. "Teeth cleaning is essential for your pet,'' says Halligan. Pets use their teeth and mouth for chewing, eating, playing with toys, licking and even picking up objects to bring to their owners, so it is inescapable that this part of their body will rot or become dirty over time.'' Halligan advocates brushing a dog's teeth once every week, using a special toothpaste and toothbrush for a good, vigorous cleaning.Make this part or your do it yourself dog grooming rourtine. This is a crucial part of do it yourself dog grooming. Key tip : employ a shorter brush for pliability. In a pinch, go ahead and wash your hands and use your fingers.

By grooming your pet on your own, you are forging a more robust, more natural bond together. Follow the advice above for do it yourself dog grooming and your pet will be happier, too.


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